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Ourplanet-TV is a a non-profit organization, which began its activities in 2001. As an alternative non-profit and non-commercial media station, Ourplanet-TV has been producing independent documentary films & interviews and has been broadcasting the content online. Ourplanet-TV adopts a non-profit and non-commercial management style, so we do not have any advertisement costs and all our production expenses is covered by membership fees and YOUR donations. We are highly independent from any political or commercial affiliation.

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Even after the tragic accident on March 11th, at the Fukushima nuclear power plant the government and TEPCO continued to underestimate and underreport the severity of the accident and the potential effects on the surrounding population.

The mainstream media followed this lead by not questioning the information they were getting from the government and TEPCO and simply passed along what they were being told, always telling the best case scenario.

Our Planet TV has been covering the whole incident and given transparent information about the incident as opposed to the mass media. We especially have been focusing on children's health issue and safety problems related to people's daily life. For parents living close to the nuclear incidents epicenter, it has been crucial for them to have access to objective information regarding the disastrous situation.

By giving donations to Our Planet TV, we will be able to provide diverse perspectives that rarely heard in the corporate-sponsored Japanese media to people in Japan and all around the world.

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