At Our Planet TV, we support the use of films for public related purposes by organizations that contribute to society. We specialize in video distribution, event documentation, planning and editing films and other services.

If you are seeking assistance in documenting something or need help with anything related to filming, you can contact us through this website. But an important part of creating an appealing film is to make detailed plans beforehand.

Planning is yet another service that is offered at Our Planet-TV. Please inquire about the cost of the package style that you would like for PR assistance.

Digital Movie Making Services

・Video Making………………Photography, Editing, Total Service Package
・Digital Services……………Encoding, CD-ROM, DVD
・Streaming Services………Images on demand through the Internet, Live Movies

Media Support

・Media Advice:Creation of video distribution system and advice about strategy for public services PR
・Sending a Lecturer:Train individuals in media literacy at a school or institution
・Equipment Rental:Video cameras, Tri-pods, Mics, etc.

Methods Offered

・Collect videos for your organization's societal contributions and distribute it through the webpage
・We can film a lecture and turn it into a video for customers to purchase
・Japanese translation of foreign films/videos for movie screenings
・Skillfully change from video format to DVD format for distribution
・Install streaming video for use within your company
・Teach children on media literacy

※For details, please contact us.
TEL 03-3296-2720 Email