2010/04/19 - 14:15

MIYASHITA PARK-TOKYO/SHIBUYA- Can the domocracy be bought for money?PART1

The closest park to Shibuya station.「Miyashita Park」It will be called Miyashita NIKE Park in April.The whole area will be renovated and a brand-new skateboard rink and climbing walls will be opening,with NIKE Japan’s expense.The price of annual naming rights costs $170,000,
10-year $1,700,000 contract.People will have to pay for using sporting areaand the park is going to be locked at night time.

Shibuya ward explained this renovation project was opened up by demands from people of Shibuya ward.After recieving the petition, the selection board was set up and NIKE Japan was adopted.
But as we(OurPlanet-TV) go further research,approximately 1000 signatures was collected with a big help of a skateboarding maker which deeply relates to NIKE Japan.
Even more, a member of Shibuya Ward Counsil himself prepared and presented the petition of building a climbing wall.What is really going on with Miyashita Park?

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